Partner & Sponsors

The Unikat B is enabled with the financial, ideally and material support of these following subsidy donor, sponsors, partners and friends:


Land Vorarlberg

Special art projects are of high importance to the county of Vorarlberg – we are very honoured that the UNIKAT B receives this valuation.


Sparkasse Bludenz

As culture and arts are the spice of life the Sparkasse Bludenz supports selected cultural projects, for example as the main sponsor of Bludenz Kultur and partner of the UNIKAT B.


Vorarlberg Netz

As the first point of contact in case of electricity Vorarlberg Netz provides an important sponsorship for the UNIKAT B


Getzner Textil AG

Designs that are in demand internationally, innovative fabrics for a broad variety of applications, and sustainable production: for more than 190 years, companies throughout the world have been relying on high-quality fabrics by Getzner, the standing partner of the UNIKAT B.

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